Wednesday, 07 September 2022 01:15

Seguros FEDECRÉDITO launches its new App

Written by Paty Salinas

SEGUROS FEDECRÉDITO, the insurer of salvadorans with the aim of facilitating access to insurance policies and provide more benefits to its customers and insurance advisors, launches today its SEGUROS FEDECRÉDITO App .

With the App customers can make from the palm of your hand the request for 24/7 Assistance, with which policyholders will have available the road or accident assistance, if you have a Motor Insurance or use the home assistance offered by our Home Insurance.

Customers also have the option of quoting and requesting protection options such as: Automobile Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Medical Expenses Insurance and Business Insurance.

Other benefits of the App are the accessibility to the Medical and Garage Network, both for policyholders and Insurance Advisors. Likewise, customers will be able to make their insurance premium payments quickly and easily.

"We invite all our clients and Insurance Advisors to download the SEGUROS FEDECRÉDITO App from the Apple and Google Play and Huawei app stores, so that they can easily and comfortably carry out all their transactions", commented Mario Ramírez, general manager of SEGUROS FEDECRÉDITO, who also mentioned that "SEGUROS FEDECRÉDITO is constantly working to improve the attention to all its policyholders".