Saturday, 03 February 2024 05:32

Mayor's Office of San Salvador carried out an operation to remove obstacles in Escalon neighborhood

Written by Karla Gutiérrez

The mayor of San Salvador, Mario Durán, organized an operation to remove obstacles from public roads in 87th, 89th and 91st avenues North, from Paseo General Escalón to El Mirador street in Escalón neighborhood, in District 3, in response to multiple citizen complaints about the placement of objects to reserve parking spaces and cars that obstruct free circulation.



The operation, carried out by the Cuerpo de Agentes Metropolitanos (CAM), was part of the San Salvador Orderly and Safe Plan, in compliance with article 49 of the Ordinance for Citizen Coexistence, which establishes sanctions from US$51.00 to US$900.00 for impeding or disturbing the circulation of vehicles and pedestrians on public roads.


During the intervention, the municipal agents removed multiple objects that people use to reserve parking spaces, such as cones, buckets, plastic containers, among others. In addition, they warned motorists and businesses not to continue obstructing the road.

The operation also included José Matías Delgado Avenue, from 87th Avenue North. As a result of these actions, CAM agents issued 9 notices for violating the regulations governing the municipality of San Salvador.

These actions help people with disabilities, children, senior citizens and the general population to circulate on clear sidewalks and motorists have a safe mobility in the city.


During this 2024, Mayor Mario Durán will continue executing actions to maintain order and security conditions in the municipality, so that salvadorans and foreigners can move around the city with peace of mind.




Translated by: A.M