Sunday, 27 February 2022 22:46

Can I get the latest apps with a HUAWEI smartphone?

Written by Evelyn Alas

When we are considering the purchase of a HUAWEI device, many questions come to mind, such as: will I be able to access the apps that are in fashion? Will I be able to have the services that other technology companies provide? And for both questions the answer is: yes, you will be able to access your apps.

HUAWEI has been known for developing smartphones and tablets that meet the work and lifestyle requirements of its users through cutting-edge technology that incorporates premium materials, quality sound systems, certifications, cameras of unquestionable premium quality and, of course, the availability of the most popular apps for entertainment, social networking, productivity, banking and more. Thanks to this and HUAWEI Mobile Services you have it all.

Huawei AppGallery is the official app distribution platform for Huawei smartphones and tablets. Available in more than 170 countries, AppGallery is the 3rd largest app marketplace in the world. In AppGallery, you can download the most popular and most downloaded apps in El Salvador such as Pedidos Ya, Hugo, Super Selectos, Airbnb, Avianca, HUAWEI Health, Canva, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) and banking apps such as BAC Credomatic, Banco Agrícola, Davivienda El Salvador, Banco Cuscatlán, Fede Móvil, Promérica or Banco Atlántida; and also the most downloaded apps in the world such as Deezer and Musixmatch; social networking and streaming apps such as Tik Tok, Snapchat, Twitch, and many more apps that you can discover in the AppGallery. Downloading your applications is simple; just enter the app, search and download.

With your Huawei smartphone you also have QuickApps, an additional option for you to have access to all your favorite applications.

The key to the world with Huawei Mobile Services

HMS Core, based on Huawei devices, is a mobile service framework that provides application developers with a variety of service capabilities.

It provides basic services, such as Huawei ID. Users can log in to their Huawei ID on any device that has HMS Core installed to access Huawei-provided services, including AppGallery and Huawei Health, as well as third-party applications that have been integrated with HMS Core, to enjoy a smart living experience in all scenarios.

HMS, or Huawei Mobile Services, offers a wide range of solutions for consumers including:

AppGallery: HUAWEI's official app store

HUAWEI Game Center: the official online game distribution center

HUAWEI Books: access to eBooks, audiobooks and magazines from around the world

HUAWEI Member Center: Forum and guide to help you get the most out of your Huawei phone. It also offers membership rights to HUAWEI apps, exclusive offers, events and more activities.

My Huawei: Service and community access app. Features support and repairs for your device.

HUAWEI Assistant TODAY: a virtual assistant to manage your time in a smarter and easier way.

HUAWEI Health: to track your fitness life, track your health or conveniently manage your smart wearable devices.

HUAWEI ID: Access to HMS apps and services on multiple devices from a single account.

Petal Search: Access to a search engine for news, local services, shopping, travel, apps, by typing or using your voice or an image.

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud: manage your information anywhere on a single storage platform.

HUAWEI Browser: HUAWEI's browser that offers a wealth of search functions and an integrated content selection system, while protecting your data and privacy.

How to download your apps on your HUAWEI smartphone?

Downloading your favorite apps is quick and easy. You can access all apps through two options:

First, through AppGallery, all you have to do is enter the app, search and download.

The second one, through Petal Search, where, as we explained above, you can search for the application by typing its name in the search box and download the APP without any problems.

That's how on your HUAWEI device everything is easy to download and set up.

For more information, visit the HUAWEI store in Centro Comercial Galerías, the HUAWEI experience kiosks in Metrosur and in Centro Comercial Metrópolis, or call 7939 6266 on HUAWEI's WhatsApp.