Thursday, 21 September 2023 13:40

FUSION, DIANA's program that seeks to technify young people

Written by Coralia Cuellar
FUSION, DIANA's program that seeks to technify young people Courtesy Diana /Alonso Zuniga Operations Manager / Producer & Photographer

The FUSION program is an initiative of DIANA with support from Microsoft, in which young students in the 4th or 5th year of their career in some branch of robotics, systems or automation, can gain experience not only studying, but creating and strengthening their digital skills.

The goal is that these young people can train and become business technologists in business areas to automate non-differentiating tasks, for example: creating Apps, workflows or consolidation of information.

This program has already started in August with Don Bosco University and Universidad Evangélica de El Salvador and will be held every six months a new call.

The company's goal is to increase the number of students interested in these types of projects over the next few years, which will streamline their skills and become future DIANA talent for the candidate base, said DIANA's Chief Technology Officer, Julio Salazar.


"The idea is for more universities to join in this opportunity that will be given to their best students, as there are also certain requirements", Salazar explained.

The students who are selected to start this challenge will first receive training under the Microsoft License, to not only learn, but also learn about the development of new technology and thus receive the MS365 Champs accreditation.

These young people must dedicate a few hours a week to this study and then they will have to get to work in the creation of automation processes and creation of Apps within; after this process they will be able to participate in a HACKATÓN.


This HACKATÓN is an event in which several software developers collaborate with each other to face different challenges, share knowledge and establish contacts. Although the term comes from the combination of 'hacker' and 'marathon', it is not an event aimed at 'hackers', but at programmers.

This leads to young people being able to change everything that is done by improved and digitized processes, support their communities in this case, achieve an experience and a certification that will serve them for their future work.


Students will have the opportunity to create apps, software and robots that facilitate the activities of a company and the community, they will be trained so that they can create software to automate business models.

To participate there are obviously requirements; first, that the University makes an agreement with DIANA, also, they must have a CUM above 7.5, in order to guarantee that the student will comply with the hours that must be dedicated to the accreditation.


Translated by: A.M