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DIANA receives recognition for being a "Positive Green Brand"

Written by Coralia Cuéllar/ Karla Gutiérrez
DIANA receives recognition for being a "Positive Green Brand" Coralia Cuéllar Photographer

Diana food products is a company with more than 72 years in El Salvador, who throughout this time has sought to leave a LEGADO in the country causing a positive impact on society and the environment with different projects that contribute to humanity.

For this reason, the company DIANA, received recognition from Fundación Empresarial para la Acción Social (FUNDEMAS), in the framework of the execution of the project: "Inclusive Recycling Model for Waste Management in the Strengthening of the Value Chain of El Salvador", financed by the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID).


Luis Núñez, Legal and Corporate Affairs Director of DIANA received the "Positive Green Brand" award, given to companies that have been carrying out different projects that help improve the environment and promote the care of the surrounding flora and fauna in the communities.

DIANA has clear key objectives that demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, investing in recycling plans, water treatment, support for farmers and community development.

"It gives us great joy, we are grateful for the recognition, and we are very happy to achieve a milestone within Diana's sustainability path, one of the things we have bet on is the issue of collection and recycling", expressed Núñez.


The Legal and Corporate Affairs Director of DIANA told DINEROCOMSV that they have obtained very satisfactory results with the recycling program LEGADO where they have managed to collect 115 tons of plastic, here they worked together with the communities, entrepreneurs in the area, students from universities, grassroots recyclers participated and what they use for their daily livelihood and also joined eight municipalities.

"More than an award to see the beaches of Lake Ilopango that were intervened clean fills us with pride and fills us with joy and we feel that we take a step as DIANA supporting the development of the country and supporting the environment. The second feeling I have is of commitment for DIANA to continue being a leading company, not only with its products, but also to leave this legacy to the communities and specifically also to the environment", he said.


In addition, DIANA plans to continue expanding the recycling project by 2024, working with other entities and communities in other areas of the country.


Another of the projects that DIANA is developing is the “Programa Constructoras de Negocios”, where it is impacting more than 300 women for the development of their premises and the development of their businesses, transforming them from subsistence premises to true micro-enterprises.


There is also the program with food producers thanks to its work in conjunction with the San Carlos Cooperative in Aguilares, who are responsible for providing bananas to the company for the creation of its product ORÍGENES, which is the most natural edible that DIANA has.


"We have impacted the community of the San Carlos cooperative where there are more than 500 people there who are growing plantains for us and we are buying, here we have given them technical support and this year we want to expand it so we can get to buy more products and impact more communities”, he said.


With this type of sustainable projects the company wants to achieve eco-efficiency to reduce the carbon and water footprint; putting into practice the circular economy which is a model of production and consumption that involves repairing, sharing, reusing, renewing and recycling existing materials and products as many times as possible to create added value and thus be able to extend the useful life of materials as much as possible.

"We have a long way to go, we have a lot of hard work to do, but this kind of thing is what gets us excited to move forward”, he concluded.



Translated by: A.M