Saturday, 06 August 2022 16:10

Discover the incredible connection between Pandora and Thailand

Written by Evelyn Alas

Pandora's story is an exceptional journey that has spanned four decades and different countries; from its beginnings as a local jewelry store in Denmark to being one of the most beloved brands in the world.

Thailand is a very important country in this journey, not only because of all the natural and architectural wonders that surround it, but also because since 1989 it has become the place where its creators discovered unparalleled craftsmanship and exclusive materials.

Today, the brand has two manufacturing plants: one in Gemopolis and the second in Lamphun, both with a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) gold certification.

This is why this region of Southeast Asia is a key place in the history of the Danish brand with Italian design inspiration, since its craftsmanship has ensured that no two Pandora pieces are exactly alike. The design and creation process of each piece is a true labor of love that requires patience and precision, as each piece is finished by hand and goes through an average of 25 hands before reaching each Pandora Lover.

The connection with Thailand is a source of pride for the brand and due to its closeness with the new generations, they chose 37 personalities from different Latin American countries, who were able to visit some of the most important places in this country for 5 days.

Personalities like Irene Castillo were able to explore places like the Wat Pho temple in Bangkok, a meal at Baan Kanita, a tour of an installation in which they could learn in depth the history of Pandora and discover how the concept of a bracelet that could be customized to always be part of our important moments was born, among other attractions.

In addition to enjoying an exclusive fashion show at the Glass House, where everyone wore the brand's pieces to the fullest, and used them in new and incredible ways, creating iconic combinations with different charms to remember this incredible experience forever.

In addition to these great moments, many of the guests chose iconic Thai scenarios to perform a challenge, which has gone viral, to the rhythm of the beat of the famous producer Tainy, composed especially for the brand, who since this year is part of the Beats of Pandora squad. Recreate the TikTok challenge to the rhythm of this new beat!