Wednesday, 21 June 2023 03:19

Bancoagrícola promotes electronic channels for the welfare of its customers

Written by Evelyn Alas

To continue bringing its customer service experience closer and promoting financial inclusion among salvadorans, Bancoagrícola invites its customers to use its wide network of electronic channels where they can perform a variety of banking transactions, without having to go to a branch.



"As the bank of salvadorans, we want to be ever closer to our customers. That is why we have consolidated our customer service model, developing accessible, easy-to-use channels that are close to all our customers, to continue accompanying them and help them find options, how, when and where they need them. We now have the largest and most modern network in the country, with more than 1,600 points of service", said Karla Reyes, Bancoagrícola's chief marketing officer.


In this way, the bank has strengthened 4 electronic alternatives to facilitate its customers' transactions:

  • Kiosks

To make inquiries and transactions with greater security, agility and convenience. Through the debit or credit card, plus the entry of a security PIN, you can make transfers between your own and third party accounts, loan payments and payment of your own and third party credit cards.

From this channel it is also possible to make balance inquiries and movements of savings or checking accounts, credit cards, balance inquiries, loans, and payment of basic services, either by bar code or NPE, change of E-banking PIN, as well as cell phone recharges.


  • Automatic Teller Machines

Bancoagrícola's ATM network is the largest and most modern in the country between dispensers and depositors, the latter known as Cajero Total +. Last year, the equipment was upgraded to state-of-the-art ATMs that include cutting-edge technology and hardware upgrades such as fingerprint readers, QR and bar scanners, as well as contactless readers.

Through them, customers can self-manage the main banking services without having to go to a branch and find transactions available with or without a card, in English and Spanish. Among these services are: withdrawals, balance inquiries of own accounts, remittance collection, account credits, deposits to own or third party accounts, service payments with NPE, and activation or renewal of the Salary Advance.

  • Financial Correspondents:

This is the network of allied businesses with whom Bancoagrícola brings basic financial services closer without the need to go to an agency, offering a means for people to have access close to home.

There are more than 700 points of attention covering 74% of the national territory, and they are one of the main pillars of the Bank's strategy to promote financial inclusion nationwide.

From the financial correspondents, people can make cash transactions and use debit and credit cards. In addition, they can receive family remittances, pay services, loans and credit cards, make cash deposits and withdrawals, recharge their cell phones, pay their bills, pay UES tuition and withdraw credit cards.

  • Telebanca:

This is the Customer Service line and an alternative channel through 2210- 0000 that offers 24-hour attention, 365 days a year. Customers can use it to make transfers, pay services, pay cards, loans, recharge cell phones and collect family remittances.

o Cell phone recharges

o Check reservations

"We would like to remind our customers that these electronic channels are available free of charge and complement the services we already offer to continue promoting the sustainable development of the country, for the well-being of all", concluded Karla Reyes.


Translated by: A.M