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Valentine's Day is approaching and I don't know how to plan my expenses

Written by Karla Gutiérrez

Valentine's Day is often associated with elaborate glitz, expensive meals and extravagant gifts. But celebrating love doesn't have to cost a bundle.

You don't have to spend a fortune to make this Valentine's Day unique: all you need is a little imagination and consideration. Here are some tips

Set a Budget.

Set aside a percentage of your monthly income for this occasion, so you don't spend more than planned.

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Make a gift list.

By setting a budget, it is easier to make a list of gift options, take into account the age, tastes and the surprise factor for that special person, this will avoid impulse purchases.

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Make it yourself.

If you have creative hands, it is an excellent option to make the gift yourself, besides being very economical, you can put your fingerprint on that special gift.

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You can even prepare a meal at home, evaluating the culinary tastes of each one.

Evaluate stores

If you prefer to buy the gift, it is important to choose it in advance, this way you can evaluate the different stores and check if there are special promotions or discounts, you can even check if you can buy it online.

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