Saturday, 15 January 2022 04:42

Bitcoiner says that people who want to invest in Bitcoin must be willing to lose long term

Written by Evelyn Alas

Guillermo Torrealba, is the CEO of BUDA.COM, considered one of the safest cryptoasset trading sites in the world, according to the specialized company escorchin.

The engineer and business specialist in 2021 was included in the list of the 20 most influential Spanish-speaking people in bitcoin. The success of this company is that they have always educated people to invest what they are willing to lose in the long run.

In a query that a media made to the specialist of: How would bitcoin work in the country, in an economy that lacks investment capital.

Torrealba, emphasized that salvadorans should invest in the long term, the Bitcoin is very volatile, the cryptocurrency on average doubles its value per year, but there are also years that this percentage can fall, no matter the amount with which they invest, if not, it is what they can save

In recent weeks the Bitcoin fell from the US$50 thousand rung and as of january 11, 2022 it touched the ground with US$39 thousand.

The bitcoiner assures that everything is a matter of perspective and does not consider that this means of investment can go through a bad moment and assured that the cryptocurrency has appreciated in value in the last 10 years at 5 thousand percent.

He also stated that the use of cryptoassets with public funds should be handled with caution.