Friday, 16 February 2024 01:48

Salvadoran returns to the country to create robotics academy

Written by Karla Gutiérrez

Manuel Cardona is a salvadoran who lived abroad for years and studied a PhD in robotics at the University of Madrid, Spain. The professional has returned to El Salvador to contribute to the advancement of technology and innovation through the creation of the Steam Robotics Academy in San Salvador.

This is a high-level educational project that seeks to train talented young people to become leaders of the future. Cardona, who is the academy's general manager, says the robotics courses are attended by 70 children between the ages of four and 13.

"I lived in Spain and was tempted by job offers, but I said: I'm going to return to the country because I want to leave this legacy and, above all, contribute to the transformation we are living. I call on my colleagues who are outside the country to think about contributing. We have so much talent scattered around the world that we are waiting for them here to build a new nation", said Cardona.

In the academy, students learn through a complete ecosystem where they develop skills in computational thinking, logic, physics and mathematics, fundamental areas of the school.

The specialist indicated that the approval of the Law for the Promotion of Innovation and Technological Manufacturing has boosted the country's development as it represents a support to researchers and scientists for the installation of their companies.

"It is a very good law that will allow promoting talent with capacity. Government support brings benefits to motivate, give guarantees and, above all, that support so that we can move forward", explained Cardona.

The businessman also stressed that El Salvador is emerging as a competitive nation that can offer great technological alternatives.

"One of the important things that will allow us to succeed as a country in this national plan is the union to be better and more competitive. At the country level I believe and I call on all of us who are proud of our country to unite. El Salvador has a lot of talent in all areas, we are all in the same boat", said Cardona.

The president of the Agencia de Promoción de Inversiones y Exportaciones de El Salvador (Invest), Salvador Gómez Góchez, said they are promoting this type of investment because they facilitate services to companies, factories and learning for children and young people.

"We have visited the Steam Robotics Academy to learn what Dr. Manuel Cardona has brought to El Salvador to bring new knowledge. This arises from the impulse that President Nayib Bukele has given through the law of innovation and technology to all the human talent that exists in El Salvador and the world", detailed Gómez.

Source: Invest El Salvador


Translated by: A.M