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MOVISTAR El Salvador consolidates its position as the only green operator in the country

Written by Karla Gutiérrez
MOVISTAR El Salvador consolidates its position as the only green operator in the country Courtesy

Movistar El Salvador, a leading telecommunications company, and the only green operator in the country, is proud to announce the measurement of its carbon footprint. This study will allow the company to quantify the greenhouse gas emissions associated with its operations. By working on this aspect, it will be able to implement effective strategies to offset its environmental impact and contribute to the fight to reduce the effects of climate change.

This decision represents a strategic step for the company and makes it the first company in the telecommunications sector in the country to measure its carbon footprint. It also reaffirms its commitment to emission reduction goals, as stated in the strategy of the Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (MARN) in its Contribuciones Nacionalmente Determinadas (NDC); measuring and monitoring water and energy consumption, fuel consumption for transportation and distribution, corporate travel, among others, to know the impacts of the business on the environment and take key mitigation actions.


"Measuring our carbon footprint will help us play an even more relevant role in combating the effects of climate change that we are seeing with increasing intensity. In addition, it reflects how year after year we are expanding our commitments to the environment and society”, said Eduardo Solórzano, Legal and Corporate Affairs Director of Movistar El Salvador.


Movistar recognizes that climate change is one of the biggest challenges worldwide and aligning its business objectives with the reduction of CO2 emissions is its priority, allowing it to identify areas for improvement in its operations and thus develop more environmentally friendly strategies. By integrating sustainable practices into its value chain and offering green technology to its customers, Movistar also contributes to the fulfillment of international sustainability commitments.


"It is a first step, but only what is measured is what can demonstrate progress", said Maythé Cornejo, Environmental Manager of the Fundación Empresarial para la Acción Social (FUNDEMAS), since, by measuring the carbon footprint, Movistar assumes a proactive role in meeting Sustainable Development Goal number 13 of the United Nations: Climate Action.

Movistar: Positive Green Brand

The company recently received recognition as a "Positive Green Brand" for its track record of good environmental practices. The award was given by FUNDEMAS and the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional (AECID), within the framework of the Inclusive Recycling project.


The company received this award due to its responsible management of all its waste and for promoting the recycling of electronics in the country, being the only company in the sector with a permanent cell phone recycling program available to everyone.

It also supports the Inclusive Recycling project, where the company provides protection kits to grassroots recyclers, as well as training internal personnel and its supply chain on environmental preservation issues. In addition, the recent restoration of the mangrove swamp in Barra de Santiago, carried out in conjunction with FUNDEMAS and Asociación de Desarrollo Comunal de Mujeres de la Barra de Santiago (AMBAS), will constitute an environmental compensation to counteract any environmental impact generated by its operations.

The greenest network in the country and pioneers in the region

In january 2022, Movistar El Salvador became part of the General International Telecom (GIT) group and since then the operator has strengthened its commitment to the country and the Central American region by promoting its transformation into a sustainable company. It has implemented eco-friendly practices in its operation, highlighting its focus on the efficient management of resources and the reduction of its environmental footprint.


In 2023, Movistar El Salvador reached a milestone by renewing the ISO 14001:2015 certification for its Environmental Management System, marking a significant step in its commitment to environmental preservation. In addition, it initiated the measurement of its carbon footprint, a year-long study that consolidates the company as an agent of positive change, integrating environmental responsibility into its operations. It also formed a multi-sector alliance with other companies and organizations committed to the environment and took its green program to the classrooms of the country's leading universities.

Under GIT's new business approach, Movistar El Salvador has exponentially increased the scope of its environmental protection efforts, which date back to 2017, when it adopted initiatives such as recycling paper and cans in its offices, initiated the electronics recycling program, reforestation projects and beach cleaning, among other activities, thus consolidating its leadership, its contribution to the conservation of our natural capital and the welfare of people.


Translated by: A.M