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Rifa Únete a Ayúdame a Vivir returns to support the fight against pediatric cancer

Written by Coralia Cuellar / Leydin Sorto
Rifa Únete a Ayúdame a Vivir returns to support the fight against pediatric cancer Alonso Zuniga Operations Manager / Producer & Photographer

For 16 years, the Rifa Únete has supported the Fundación Ayúdame a Vivir with the objective of changing the lives of thousands of children who day by day fight against pediatric cancer; a disease that affects not only the health of the little ones, but also the emotional situation of their families.



Therefore, from today tickets are on sale for salvadorans to continue being part of the hope of these children by offering comprehensive treatments at no cost.


Every year, pediatric cancer affects more than 200 children in the country, and for every child who is diagnosed there is another who still does not know what is happening to his or her health. That is why it is very important to go immediately to a health specialist in case of any alarming symptom presented by the little ones at home. Pediatric cancer is not synonymous with death.


Today, 7 out of 10 children with cancer can be cured if they receive an early diagnosis and proper treatment.

Join Pollo Campero to save children with cancer, born from the heart of Pollo Campero, with the objective of supporting the work of the Fundación Ayúdame a Vivir through the sale of tickets in different parts of the country.


Therefore, this year, the campaign focused on the lessons for life that these children and their families teach us Salvadorans, becoming teachers of life by demonstrating that any difficulty can be overcome by believing in oneself, having the support of their loved ones and always showing the best attitude.


"We begin the 17th edition of the Rifa Únete, thanking all salvadorans who year after year support us and have allowed us to assist more than 1,500 children. Thanks to you we have saved lives, your donation is essential for this project, which allows us to attend the call of children with cancer and who count on our support to face and overcome this disease", said Leonor Guirola de Llach, president and founder of Ayúdame a Vivir.


Currently, between 60 to 75 patients are treated daily at the Ayúdame a Vivir facilities. A noble cause that brings hope to many families consisting of a comprehensive treatment for each patient that, in addition to medicine, includes: transportation, nutrition, shelter, food bags, games, hospital, spiritual and psychological support, social work and palliative services.



"For us it is an honor to be part of this project that shows us how strong we are as a country. That is why this year for the launch of the Rifa Únete we decided to recreate several of the areas of the hospital, including the beds where the treatments are performed, the play area, the waiting room; with the objective that people could live more closely what the children have to go through and, thus, raise awareness about pediatric cancer and the constant struggle that these families must live throughout the process", said Paulino Portillo, representative of Pollo Campero.

How can you help?

The value of the Rifa Únete a Ayúdame a Vivir tickets is US$1 and will be on sale from september 18 through january 3, 2024 at Pollo Campero restaurants. The final drawing and revelation of winners will take place on january 8, 2024, which will be broadcasted on Facebook and the prizes will be divided as follows:

One prize of US$20,000

One prize of US$10,000

12 prizes of US$1,000


"Our campaign this year is focused on transmitting those life lessons that these children and their families teach us from a very early age. Let us remember that 7 out of every 10 pediatric cancer patients are saved, so today we ask all salvadorans to help once again so that these little warriors can dream of a future", said Guirola de Llach.





Translated by: A.M