Wednesday, 15 November 2023 04:58

DIANA renews image of FAVORI MIX, salvadorans' favorite mixes

Written by Coralia Cuellar
DIANA renews image of FAVORI MIX, salvadorans' favorite mixes Alonso Zuniga Operations Manager / Producer & Photographer

Productos Alimenticios Diana presented the change of image of the FAVORI MIX packaging, salty snacks that bring together the flavors of the brand that consumers like the most.



DIANA is betting that this will continue to be the best option for everyone, especially for those occasions where you want to share good times.


FAVORI MIX brings a fresher look, keeping the same flavor as always, renewing its image for two iconic snacks of its portfolio: CONGA and PACHANGA.


In addition, the packaging designs of FAVORI MIX PICANTE; a mixture of sticks and elotitos and FAVORI MIX QUESO; the perfect combination of centavitos, churritos and the delicious nacho tortillas we all know.


And to the FAVORI MIX family joins a product that few know but that has a delicious mixture of Chicharrón with Yucca, a mixture typical of salvadorans and that is why we have called it FAVORI MIX CRIOLLO DIANA is the company that has been for many years close to all Central American families and makes this change of packaging in the favorites of its consumers, maintaining the variety, flavor and quality as always.


"The consumer has loved this change of image and something we know they also love is the mix of DIANA's favorite products in a single package. FAVORI MIX is a family of products that offers a mix of flavors and textures, perfect for those moments of sharing", said Daniela Díaz, Marketing director of DIANA Food Products.


Andrea Vázquez, commented that "The FAVORI MIX family is made for moments of reunions with family, friends, co-workers, getaways to the beach or those long-awaited reunions, especially in this season of celebrations, accompanied by the delicious DIANA snacks".


FAVORI MIX seeks to refresh the image, modernize and be more attractive in any connection with the consumer.


Diana invites you to continue finding this delicious platform in the nearest stores, supermarkets, gas stations in El Salvador and the region. And this Christmas season in some shopping malls, where you can taste FAVORI MIX closer to you.



Translated by: A.M