Thursday, 20 July 2023 13:42

US$800,000 invested in the construction of a desalination plant in Usulután

Written by Miguel Crespín

An investment by the Spanish Cooperation allowed bringing potable water to the inhabitants of an island in Usulután. The project was executed through the Fondo de Cooperación de Agua y Saneamiento (FCAS) and represented an investment of almost US$800,000.

This project expanded drinking water coverage and improved the quality of life of more than 150 families, equivalent to 600 people residing on Madresal Island in Usulután. For years, these families had no access to water for human consumption.

"A lesson learned is sustainability, how after a year the plant is working well, but also a year ago it was an island flooded with plastic bags and now it is a clean island with zero plastics. It has been a comprehensive response, we have made a difference, there is a before and an after", said the president of the autonomous, Rubén Alemán.

The process of providing drinking water to the island's inhabitants involved the evaluation of several technical solutions in which the existing pumping plant, the excavation of two surface wells and the installation of a reverse osmosis plant, which makes the extracted water drinkable.

In addition, the electrical installations and the pumping house were upgraded and personnel were trained in the use and maintenance of the plant.

In this context, the head of ANDA, Rubén Alemán, together with the members of the Internship Program 2023, visited the plant so that the interns could learn first-hand about its operation and sustainability.

Gobierno del Presidente Nayib Bukele inaugura planta desalinizadora en isla  Madresal, Puerto El Triunfo, Usulután - Presidencia de la República de El  Salvador


Translated by: A.M