Friday, 23 July 2021 14:29

BANDESAL signed an agreement with RED NAP of the Republic of Argentina for business training at the international level

Written by Alondra Gutiérrez

The Banco de Desarrollo de la Republica de El Salvador (BANDESAL), together with the New Political Action Network of the Republic of Argentina, signed an international cooperation agreement, with the objective of creating reciprocal collaboration ties in technical assistance, internships, consulting, business training and scholarship management at universities in Argentina, mainly at the University of Cordoba for salvadorans.

The agreement establishes that both institutions will design and develop programs and activities of cooperation, technical assistance, training, transfer of best practices of methodological skills related to training or business development, coordination and innovation projects.

With this alliance, BANDESAL will create a positive impact on society and generate real opportunities for entrepreneurs and representatives of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to continue receiving support in business training, now internationally with the support of the Republic of Argentina.

The agreement will be valid for 24 months from its effective date, and may be extended when both institutions express their interest in renewing it.

The objective and purpose of the RED NAP is, among others, to establish an operational network that provides the necessary operational infrastructure through strategic alliances to support and strengthen the activities of the Network, fostering relations of collaboration and mutual cooperation with public, private or community organizations or institutions.

BANDESAL, strengthens the business skills of entrepreneurs and salvadoran MSMEs, through various training sessions, which teach topics such as digital marketing, financial education, accounting and financial tools, as well as customer service, among others.