Wednesday, 14 June 2023 04:25

New generation of leaders joins Movistar's internship program

Written by Evelyn Alas

Movistar El Salvador continues its internship program "Lideramos El Futuro" with the objective of generating a positive impact in the formation of a new generation of young salvadorans, who will have the opportunity to participate in this experience where they will be provided with tools to develop in the working world.

Through the internship program "Lideramos El Futuro", Movistar focuses on contributing to the training process of students, providing them with administrative, technological and digital skills that allow them to lead the future of telecommunications in El Salvador. On this occasion, Movistar will open its doors to students from Universidad Don Bosco, Universidad de El Salvador, Universidad Centroamericana "José Simeón Cañas", and scholarship students from Asociación Muchas Más.


In the quest to close gender gaps in the technology sector, Movistar is aware of the enormous potential of women and the contribution they can make to the industry. For this reason, it is proud to be part of the companies allied with Asociación Muchas Más, an organization that works for access to education and the empowerment of Salvadoran girls and young women.

This internship program offers remuneration, a professional development plan with the accompaniment of experienced mentors and additional specialized training.


Additionally, the young people will have the experience of being part of high-impact projects that are promoted by the company.

¨Our internship program is the ideal complement for students to enter the labor market more quickly, as they will be accompanied by technology experts who are leading the future of telecommunications in El Salvador", said Eduardo Solórzano, director of Corporate Affairs.


This program is part of the commitment of Movistar El Salvador with the salvadoran youth, hoping in the near future to open this experience to other professional areas, considering the importance of enabling more spaces to accelerate the processes of professionalization of young talents in the country.

Program data

  • The first edition of the program was in 2022 with 10 students, of which Movistar hired 4 full-time.
  • In 2023, in addition to opening the program to students from other universities, it also offers opportunities to scholarship holders from Asociación Muchas Más, an organization that facilitates access to education for salvadoran girls and young women.


Translated by: A.M