Tuesday, 12 September 2023 22:12

The digital solution your company needs can be found in Claro Empresas

Written by Leydin Sorto

Claro through its business line, Claro Empresas, held the technology event called "TECH 4.0 by Claro Empresas", a space where the company's digital solutions portfolio update was presented, which are aimed at boosting the development of the business sector. 



"Our purpose as Claro Empresas is to accompany companies, businesses, enterprises and institutions in their innovation and digital transformation process, through the implementation of technological solutions that allow them to improve their efficiency, productivity and competitiveness in the digital environment. TECH 4.0 by Claro Empresas, is an event with which we reinforce our commitment to bring companies the best solutions according to their needs, with increasingly simple and reliable services that allow their development, growth and especially the automation of their tasks", said Carlos Doratt, Corporate Markets manager of Claro El Salvador.

During the event, various talks were given by experts from Claro Empresas, as well as from allied brands and strategic partners, addressing topics ranging from the digital transformation process, security solutions, the cloud and innovative tools for mobile services. All this with the aim of accompanying business customers in their innovation and digital transformation process.

Claro Empresas' corporate solutions meet the highest standards, from Virtual Servers and data centers, to productivity tools, Big Data, connectivity and cybersecurity. The latter being one of the key points, and for which it has a broad portfolio of cybersecurity solutions that help prevent, avoid and manage those attacks that violate the information of the operations.

In Latin America, cyber-attacks have increased exponentially in recent years. In the case of El Salvador, according to a study conducted by FORTINET, a leading company in cybersecurity solutions, during the first half of 2023, 24 million cyberattack attempts have been received between rasonware and phishing, seeking to breach security barriers to hijack important information from companies, generating fraud and denial of services.

To help the business market in El Salvador against these attacks, Claro Empresas has solutions focused on the protection of resources and information, such as:

AntiDDDoS: Protects operation resources from volumetric attacks. With this solution, your organization's critical services will not be compromised by high volume attacks.

Secure Internet Basic: Offers the first line of defense against Internet threats through a cloud security service. This solution protects the Internet link from the DNS layer, providing a clean and secure link for the user.

Advanced Secure Internet: Protects the corporate network from the main attacks coming from the Internet. Among its benefits is the definition of rules to allow or deny navigation to sites that are considered dangerous or non-productive, as well as enabling connections via VPN for collaborators outside the office.

Vulnerability Analysis: Evaluates the security of your resources by detecting potential security flaws within your most critical assets, allowing companies to take action beforehand and thus avoid their vulnerability.


Translated by: A.M