Monday, 15 August 2022 03:44

Torre HUMANA advances 80% in its main structure

Written by Evelyn Alas

After eighteen months of construction, the project located in San Benito reaches 80% completion, preparing to favorably impact the salvadoran population starting in 2023.

Torre HUMANA, the country's new comprehensive medical center, will be focused on providing wellness to both doctors and their patients, through its various amenities and facilities, making available 25 medical specialties, laboratories, imaging center and complementary businesses such as pharmacies and insurance companies.

The construction of the building is progressing steadily and with it the percentage of sales, since it is a new project and to date has 85% sold, ensuring traffic for the building since its inception. "We are very pleased to see the progress of this important project. At the end of june, we have 80% progress of the main structure of the building, which will benefit more than 25,000 people every month starting next year, who will be able to find everything they need in one place", said Eugenia Blandón, Commercial Leader of the project.

HUMANA features:

The 20-level medical tower will feature more than 160 clinics of different sizes, office and retail space, more than 185 doctors of different specialties and more than 550 available parking spaces.

The medical vocation requires environments that allow doctors to feel at ease with the daily routine of their work. For this reason, Torre HUMANA will have spaces that accommodate the needs of specialists and generate a collaborative environment that allows them to relax and professional exchange through amenities and facilities such as a multipurpose terrace for medical fairs and events, a Social Lounge with rooms where they can take a break in the middle of their long working days, meeting and conference rooms, and a space to enjoy their meals on a daily basis.

Why invest in HUMANA?

Torre HUMANA represents an improvement in the offer of the healthcare system in the country, which responds to the values and demands of society, satisfying new needs of the medical sector and meeting the current healthcare challenges.

The medical center will offer an architectural alternative specially designed to guarantee patients considerable advantages in El Salvador, making it an innovative project with a wide range of solutions and amenities in one place.

Investing in the medical tower brings multiple benefits, among them, accessibility thanks to the geographical location, a modern exterior design that projects innovation and confidence, in addition to having a safe space to offer their services.

Another of the benefits of Torre HUMANA is the access to a community of specialists, who are characterized by offering first class medical services. This benefits both doctors, who can be part of an ecosystem that encourages professional growth and a collaborative environment, as well as patients, who can find everything they are looking for and require from different specialties and stores to receive comprehensive treatment in one place.

Investing in Torre HUMANA also represents new possibilities to diversify the portfolio safely, since it has the support of Calidad Inmobiliaria, who have previously developed relevant projects in the country such as Avante (2010) and Insigne (2019), which are distinguished by their high architectural merit and for offering innovative solutions through functional spaces built with excellence.

The tower is in the final stage of construction and is preparing to complete the list of stores and medical specialties to offer comprehensive solutions from day one of its opening to salvadorans. For more information Calidad Inmobiliaria offers its contact telephone number 6073-8890.