Tuesday, 19 September 2023 20:40

"Los que saben, saben" Pollo Indio, confidence from its origin

Written by Leydin Sorto
"Los que saben, saben" Pollo Indio, confidence from its origin Alonso Zuniga Operations Manager / Producer & Photographer

In the more than 50 years of being in the salvadoran market, Pollo Indio has been characterized by its constant innovation and by offering a wide portfolio of practical, versatile and delicious solutions, with fresh and frozen chicken options such as chicken breasts, wings, whole chicken, chicken pieces and cooked food ready to heat and serve, allowing consumers to enjoy quickly and conveniently, with the best flavor of all.




CMI is always at the forefront of quality, taste and convenience. This has allowed them to connect with their customers and gain their trust; they prefer their products to provide them and their families with the best in food, because Pollo Indio is trust from its origin.




The company's continued dedication is reflected in the supply of fresh, delicious, reliable and naturally sourced products to salvadoran households. That is why Pollo Indio is pleased to share its renewed image and the campaign “Los que saben, saben”, which reaffirms its commitment to excellence and trust from the poultry sector. With this, they share their knowledge and experience in each of their products, offering their customers and consumers the quality, flavor and nutritional value they deserve.



"At Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI) we are committed to excellence and trust. Our track record of more than 100 years in the region supports each of our brands. Pollo Indio has a solid leadership in the preference and in the minds of salvadorans, and we want to offer salvadorans a unique experience. That is why our new campaign highlights the quality, flavor and natural origin of each of our poultry products. Discover why Pollo Indio is the preferred choice of chicken lovers in every bite because those who know, know!", said Emilio Porta, director of Soluciones Cárnicas CMI Alimentos.



"We are excited to introduce to the salvadoran market our new campaign "Los que saben, saben". We want to convey to our consumers our commitment to offer high quality and great tasting food solutions. With this campaign, we invite everyone to safely and confidently enjoy our delicious chicken options, practical, versatile, easy to prepare, inspired by those who know the most about chicken", said Jorge Foyo, Pollo Indio's Brand Manager.



Pollo Indio products are available in different sales channels, such as supermarkets, markets, independent supermarkets, stores, butcher shops and La Central de Pollo Indio. In addition, those looking for inspiration to prepare a variety of dishes with delicious flavors for their families can find a wide variety of recipes and cooking tips on the website www.alimentatedelobueno.com










Translated by: A.M