Friday, 17 May 2024 00:35

Banco Promerica and ASSA sign strategic alliance that will strengthen the financial wellbeing of its customers

Written by Alejandra García Ortiz
Banco Promerica and ASSA sign strategic alliance that will strengthen the financial wellbeing of its customers Courtesy

Banco Promerica and ASSA Compañía de Seguros sign a strategic alliance aimed at further strengthening the financial well-being of their customers. This alliance represents a significant milestone in the commitment of both companies to offer comprehensive and quality solutions that meet the financial and protection needs of customers.

"We are convinced that the signing of this strategic alliance will be of great benefit to both entities, as there is currently much room for improvement in the penetration of insurance in some market segments, and designing products accessible to the needs of a broader base of the population will allow us to expand the protection of the general population, providing support when they need it most", said Roberto Schildknecht, General Manager of ASSA.


Banco Promerica together with ASSA, have designed protection products with the best benefits in the market, some of them are: life insurance, car insurance, unemployment, debt, mortgage loans, among others.

"We are proud to highlight our commercial relationship with Promerica throughout the Central American region, and with this alliance we reaffirm our commitment to make available to our mutual clients, a solid and reliable support, from an insurance group that has been built over decades", said Ricardo Cohen, President of ASSA.


"As our slogan says, "ASSA El León Azulado" we want to be by our clients' side when they need it most", said Cohen.

Lázaro Figueroa, CEO of Banco Promerica said "this strategic alliance with ASSA marks an important milestone in our mission to provide high quality financial and protection solutions for our customers. We know that salvadorans seek to protect what they love, that is why we provide them with options for their security and peace of mind. With Banco Promerica and ASSA we have developed a range of products with the best benefits in the market and we are focused on strengthening the financial well-being of our customers and continue innovating to adapt to their needs".


The most recent launch was the "Inspira Protección" life insurance product, which is designed to provide peace of mind and financial security to policyholders and their loved ones, offering comprehensive coverage in the event of the insured's death, guaranteeing that the designated beneficiaries receive a sum of money in accordance with their foreseen needs. This product is already being marketed by executives of the financial institution.


"At Banco Promerica, we are proud to offer a complete insurance portfolio designed to provide peace of mind and protection to our customers. Our insurance policies include benefits such as comprehensive coverage to protect your life, car, and assets, as well as options that guarantee financial stability in situations such as unemployment or debt burdens. We are committed to providing solutions that adapt to the individual needs of each client, offering peace of mind and security in an ever-changing world”, said Cindy Miranda, director of personal and agency banking at Banco Promerica.




Translated by: A.M