Wednesday, 16 August 2023 17:39

Movistar modernizes and expands its network to become the speed that moves El Salvador

Written by Evelyn Alas

Movistar El Salvador completed the first stage of its network modernization project. For this, the company made a millionaire investment in 5G Ready infrastructure and the deployment of new LTE coverage. The operator invites its users to test the new network and enjoy its benefits now that the first stage of improvements has been completed.

Let's talk about the new network:

The new network is designed to offer the best experience, with the capacity to increase connection speed up to 10 times, reducing response times and multiplying the number of devices connected simultaneously. Movistar El Salvador customers can already enjoy this new browsing experience in the departments of San Salvador, Santa Ana and San Miguel.


The company now offers the most modern network in the salvadoran market with state-of-the-art equipment, configured to receive and transmit data to a greater number of users than traditional equipment.

"According to measurements made at the end of july of this year, the performance of our new network places us as one of the fastest in the main cities of the country. We are confident that the next stage of improvements will bring even more benefits to our mobile and corporate customers by providing them with state-of-the-art connectivity services", said Eric Behner, Director of the B2B segment of Movistar El Salvador.

In addition, in the first stage of the project, the company acquired additional radio spectrum, which will allow it to exponentially increase network capacity in the short term. Movistar El Salvador will soon announce the details of the implementation of this radio spectrum.


Coverage expansion

Movistar's network improvements include the installation of new LTE coverage points in the east, west and north of the country, bringing this technology to 250 places that previously only had access to a lower capacity data network.

LTE technology enables users to experience a substantial improvement in service and higher-speed Internet browsing, allowing access to services and the use of real-time applications.

At the conclusion of the first stage of 5G Ready infrastructure modernization and LTE coverage expansion, by june 2023, Movistar increases its coverage and states that it will continue to invest to expand that percentage before the end of this year.

"We invite everyone to try and use the new Movistar network, whether streaming content, surfing the web, using their favorite apps or making calls. We have worked hard on modernizing our network in a comprehensive way to be the speed that moves El Salvador", said Claudia Gómez de Juárez, Strategy Director of Movistar El Salvador.

A greener network for a better planet

Movistar is the only telecommunications company in the country to have an ISO 14001-2015 certification for its Environmental Management System, which verifies compliance with national and international guidelines for environmental protection and conservation, taking into account its entire value chain.

As part of its ambitious plan to minimize its environmental impact, Movistar has invested in environmentally friendly technology. Its new network meets this objective, since, unlike the previous network, it modulates energy consumption according to the number of connected users, reducing its CO2 emissions during off-peak hours.

The new Movistar network is a true reflection of the confidence that Movistar El Salvador has in the country and the desire to offer salvadorans access to the latest generation services, with the best quality and respect for the environment.

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Translated by: A.M