Tuesday, 21 November 2023 04:11

Integrated Stock Exchange between El Salvador and Panama registers increase in profits

Written by Miguel Crespin

The Superintendencia del Sistema Financiero (SSFD), reported in its social networks that for the month of october an inter-annual increase of 23.95% was registered.



In 2022 the Superintendency recorded a profit value of US$362.09 million in the month of october, while in 2023 as of the same date it has been reported that profits in the amount of US$448.81 million were reported.

A total of U$86.72 million was traded through authorized remote operators in both countries.

The Integration of the Stock Markets is the result of commitments between the Stock Exchanges of El Salvador, Panama and Nicaragua, in coordination with the Depositories and supervisory entities of the three countries.

The Integration of the Stock Markets is an attractive option to gain efficiency through economies of scale and generate a competitive financing alternative for companies, through the issuance of securities in an expanded market, which would also benefit investors and stock intermediaries and, in general, the financial development of the region.


Translated by: A.M