Wednesday, 06 December 2023 03:23

Grupo Ficohsa strengthens its regional presence by starting operations in El Salvador

Written by Editorial staff
Grupo Ficohsa strengthens its regional presence by starting operations in El Salvador Courtesy

Grupo Ficohsa successfully concluded the acquisition of the insurance company ASESUISA in El Salvador, thanks to an agreement formalized with the colombian company Suramericana, and the subsequent approval of the Superintendencia de Competencia and Superintendencia del Sistema Financiero (SSF).



This achievement is part of a long-term strategy that seeks to strengthen Grupo Ficohsa's position as a leading insurer in the region.

With an outstanding presence in Central America, Grupo Ficohsa has demonstrated its leadership in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Panama. It also has established offices in the United States. With a great trajectory and experience in the Banking, Insurance and Pension sectors. Its leadership in the insurance industry is backed by 66 years of experience and is a reference in markets such as Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and now El Salvador.

With 2.1 million clients and a team of more than 6,000 employees, Grupo Ficohsa demonstrates a firm commitment to innovation, strengthening and recognition in all the markets in which it operates. Currently, the company is strengthening its expansion in the region, in El Salvador through this acquisition, with the purpose of expanding its service offering in the insurance industry in Central America.

"The acquisition of ASESUISA marks a significant milestone for Grupo Ficohsa, strengthening our presence and demonstrating our continued commitment to excellence and sustainable growth. Expanding our service offering in El Salvador and providing comprehensive, quality financial solutions to our clients in the region is a fundamental part of our purpose", said Luis Atala, Corporate Vice President of Grupo Ficohsa.

ASESUISA, with 54 years of experience in the General, Personal and Surety Insurance business in El Salvador, is the preferred insurer for salvadorans and a benchmark in the sector. Given its valuable experience and positioning, the company will maintain its recognized brand and will continue to operate under the same name. This initiative will strengthen its presence and expand its portfolio of products and services, now backed by Grupo Ficohsa at the regional level.

Grupo Ficohsa has the world's leading reinsurers, which makes it an important contribution in terms of solidity and support for all its clients.


With a solid participation in the insurance market in general and as a leader in the auto insurance segment, ASESUISA has a customer-centric approach offering a portfolio of products and comprehensive services that allows it to insure more than 700,000 salvadorans.

ASESUISA is characterized for being a pioneer in innovation, remaining at the forefront of the digital transformation of the industry in El Salvador. It currently has a robust digital ecosystem and is currently the only insurer with a 100% digital underwriting platform, in addition to offering other tools and processes for both policyholders and insurance advisors, making operations more efficient and offering convenient and secure alternatives.

"We recognize ASESUISA's valuable experience and trajectory in the salvadoran market. A market we are entering at a time of highly positive growth prospects. For this reason we have made the decision to preserve its brand, its leadership and its work force that characterizes it as a national leader and continue its operations under the same name", said the Vice President of Grupo Ficohsa.

ASESUISA expects to expand its product portfolio and improve its service channels, all backed by the regional strength of Grupo Ficohsa. Likewise, the sharing of values will give continuity to the company's sustainability programs, which are now being carried out with Grupo Ficohsa.


Translated by: A.M