Friday, 10 May 2024 02:41

ECLAC proposes strategies for productive and sustainable development

Written by Alejandra García Ortiz

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), presented different strategies to avoid the 3 traps that prevent achieving a more productive, inclusive and sustainable development.

At the event held by The Wilson Center, "No more lost decades: Opportunities for nearshoring, energy transition and other drivers of sustainable growth", José Salazar, Executive Secretary of ECLAC and Benjamín Gedan, Director of the Latin America Program, Wilson Center, presented proposals to achieve a more productive, inclusive, and sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In addition, they indicated that the 3 development traps for Latin America and the Caribbean are:

  • Low capacity to grow
  • High inequality and low mobility and social cohesion
  • Low institutional capacities and ineffective governance.


ECLAC's Executive Secretary said, "The population is aging rapidly. Countries must make the necessary investments to comprehensively address this issue. The care economy is precisely one of the sectors with the greatest economic dynamism".

José Salazar in the dialogue organized by The Wilson Center called on Latin American and Caribbean countries to bet on dynamizing sectors, related to the great environmental impulse, to modern services enabled by ICTs and to industrial sectors such as pharmaceuticals.


He also emphasized that development is a process that involves the whole of society, adding that long-term State policies are needed, as well as improving the technical, operational, political, and prospective capabilities of institutions (TOPP capabilities).



Translated by: A.M