Thursday, 15 September 2022 03:59

DIANA supports childhood education with Expedición Jurásica at Tín Marín

Written by Paty Salinas

With the vision of supporting the education of salvadoran children through a fun and playful education, Productos Alimenticios DIANA, through its brands Churritos, Quesitos, Centavitos and Picnic cookies sponsors the Expedición Jurásica; an impressive exhibition of dinosaurs that will be open to the public, starting September 16, at the Museo de los Niños Tín Marín.

Through an interactive tour, children will be able to learn about the always exciting Jurassic world, experiencing different scenarios with large dinosaurs from the Mesozoic era, which come to life thanks to robotics and animatronics. This exhibit is an impressive experience since the technology makes it possible not only to move the body parts of the animals, but also to emit the sounds of each species.


"At Productos Alimenticios DIANA we are founding members of the museo Tín Marín, with whom we have had an alliance for several years that allows us to support efforts for education with fun for children in the country. That is why we are very pleased to be sponsors of this interesting dinosaur exhibition", said Andrea Vázquez, Regional Marketing manager for the savory products portfolio of Productos Alimenticios Diana.

"We know that the Expedición Jurásica will be a place where children will experience moments of joy and fun. Values that represent the essence of DIANA and our brands Churritos, Quesitos and Centavitos, with our emblematic cheese flavor that besides being one of the favorite flavors of our consumers, are also very loved by the salvadoran family", said Andrea Vázquez.

In addition to its savory portfolio, DIANA is also present in this exhibition with its well-known Picnic wafer cookies, which are the favorite of Salvadoran and Central American consumers. In this regard, Jeanneth Hernandez, DIANA's sweet products specialist said: "Expedición Jurásica is a unique adventure that will be enjoyed by all salvadoran families, with the best company to live an experience of this kind: our Picnic cookies in all their delicious varieties".

Galletas Picnic has been present in the lunchbox of children, as well as in salvadoran homes, through its three delicious flavors: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. Just like Churritos, Quesitos and Centavitos, always present in the fun moments shared by Salvadoran and Central American families wherever they go.


DIANA will continue working to offer innovative products and reach all the moments of its consumers with the flavor that best suits their needs. Flavors made with the highest quality raw materials to accompany the most memorable moments in their lives.

For 71 years, DIANA has been dedicated to provide more and better moments, being part of Central American families and homes, with a wide portfolio of more than 60 varieties of salty snacks, candies and Picnic cookies, with the best flavor and public preference.